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Roots Incorporated provides a limited number of internships each year for students enrolled in the academic track of a helping profession. Learn more about our internship program.

Post-Adoption Support


After providing post-adoption support group services to a public agency last year, Roots Incorporated is excited to be in the process of developing its own independently operating program. Please check back regularly a we roll out dates, services, and events.

Workshops & Events

Roots Incorporated has provided more than 40 total hours of direct teaching and presentation time on our areas of expertise. We're currently in our planning stage for events for 2023. Check out our current event schedule. Events are added regularly.​ 

Media Response​

Roots Incorporated works with media to put forth higher quality articles and opinions online related to adoptees and adoption. If you would like to interview us for a current article or project, please use our contact page to reach out.​


Roots Incorporated spends a great deal of time performing work that isn't visible. This includes broad reviews of available literature, historical information, and research; offering mentorship and supervision; and planning for events and programs.


Roots Incorporated proudly collaborates with its "direct practice arm," Therapy Center for Transformative Growth. The research and planning work accomplished at Roots Incorporated directly resulted in the launching of this adoption-competent therapy center and continues to inform its programming.

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